Foreclosure Defense

Our firm is experienced in litigation and real estate transactions. We specifically represent clients who wish to defend themselves from foreclosure.

A Few Things to Ask Yourself:

We have extensive experience in family law. Family law comprises much more than divorce. If you need a New Jersey family law attorney, contact our firm. We handle the following matters:

1. Are you behind on your mortgage payments?
2. Has your bank promised you a modification and given you the “run around”?
3. Have you been given a trial modification, just to be told that you don’t qualify when the final payment is due?
4. Have you been served with a Notice of Intent to Foreclose?
5. Have you been served with a foreclosure complaint?
6. Has the lender instructed you not to be concerned with the foreclosure complaint because you “are in modification”?

Unfortunately, many lenders are deceptive in their dealings with homeowners. Promises are made to modify a loan without any good faith intent to modify. Trial modification payments are made by borrowers and when the last payment is due, the bank informs the homeowner that they do not qualify. Worse, homeowners are discouraged from answering the foreclosure complaint when an answer must be filed within 35 days.

Ironically and sadly, homeowners are solicited by unscrupulous companies who promise to save their home from foreclosure. They make promises that they cannot deliver. Some companies are simply scam artists who take money from homeowners and do nothing.

Our firm will advise you as to the best course of action for you:

For example, it may be in your best interest to short sale your home (selling for less than the mortgage with the bank’s approval) or deed the property to the bank in lieu of foreclosure. However, if you wish to defend yourself from foreclosure, we will advise you as to your realistic chance of success — no false promises.

Call our firm today to protect your home from foreclosure.